Bob Goff– Episode 5 | Pivotal People

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Today we’re having a great conversation with the amazing Bob Goff. He’s a New York Times bestselling author with several books, he’s a humanitarian, a philanthropist,  an incredible speaker, and most recently, a farmer.  He is married to Sweet Maria and is a father and a grandfather.  He is a friend to everyone he meets.  He has been a pivotal person in millions of lives, including mine.  If you don’t know Bob yet, you’ll love him.  Everyone does.   You will appreciate every single word of wisdom and humor he shares with us.  Be sure to Pre-order his new book “Undistracted” as soon as you’re done listening to this podcast.

Find more details about Bob’s online courses, his Dream Big Academy, his coaching programs and his in-person workshops at  Find him on Instagram at and on Facebook at .  

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