Cornerstone TV’s “Hope Today”
Coupon Mom shares tips on how to achieve your dreams
Catholic Faith Network CFN Live–Stephanie Nelson



Stephanie Nelson “Coupon Mom” Imagine More
Imagine More: A Conversation about Possibilities & Potential
WMUZ 103.5 FM Detroit The Chris Ayotte Show
770KCBC Imagine More
KLTT670 Imagine More

Print and Online Media:‘Imagine More:’ From Couponing to Faithful Entrepreneurship – Stephanie Nelson’s Journey of Faith, Rejection, and ‘Coupon Mom’ Success
The Alabama Baptist: Coupon Mom’s book outlines how God transforms simple desire into grand plans
Think Red Ink: “Imagine More” Stephanie Nelson Helps Us to “Imagine More”
All Mom Does Blog: For the Mother Pursuing a Dream
All Mom Does Blog: Helping Your Children Pursue Their Dreams


Imagine More: Do What You Love, Discover Your Potential

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