Reimagine: Trading Our Ordinary for God’s Extraordinary

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Reimagine:  Trading Our Ordinary for God’s Extraordinary

New York Times Bestseller

The Coupon Mom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills in Half

Learn the timeless Strategic Shopping Method proven to slash food and drugstore costs.  A book that pays for itself! The creator of shares her strategic money-saving techniques for saving big while living well.  Extending her Strategic Shopping protocols to mass merchandisers, wholesale clubs, natural-food stores, drugstores, and other retailers, Nelson proves that value and variety can go hand in hand. With meal- planning tips, recipes, and cost-comparison guides, as well as inspiring real-life stories from the phenomenal Coupon Mom movement, this is a priceless guide to turning the checkout lane into a road of riches.

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Stephanie Nelson | Reimagine

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