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I’m thrilled to share our conversation with Mac Powell–one of my favorite singers ever, and the first artist who introduced me to Christian music over 20 years ago.  Mac is a gifted singer/songwriter and a really nice guy. He  was the lead singer of the band “Third Day” for 25 years.  Third Day has sold over 10 million albums, they’ve had 28 number one songs on the Christian charts, they’ve received 4 Grammy awards and 25 Dove awards, and they are in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Third Day had their farewell tour in June 2018, and rather than retire, Mac continues to write and record great new music.

Mac released his first solo Christian album called “New Creation” in October and it’s fantastic.  Check it out if you haven’t already–it’s 10 new songs and every single one is great.  I’ve played them so many times they’re stuck in my head!  In our interview he talks about how he produced the new album, how he writes songs, when he’ll be releasing new music, and he even shared a surprise about what’s next for his career. 




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